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- Produced in Italy

- Hangtags are made from sugarcane and printed with soy ink.
- The woven labels are made from recycled polyester.
- Must be hand washed.


A nice warm hat for the cold times or late summer evenings, which is made from 100% recycled wool. Our hats are one size, which means that the hat may feel tight for some the first few times, but will quickly adapt to the fit of your head.

Did you know that products made of wool have a long shelf life and lifespan. Studies show that wool products can last for more than 20 years. Wool is therefore an important player when it comes to creating products with minimal climate impact. Due to the wool's durability, it is also optimal to use for recycling. Other advantages of the wool is that it is incredibly breathable. Therefore, it can be used both in winter and summer. In winter it keeps you warm and in summer it cools you down.

In addition to using new wool, we also use recycled wool of this kind. Wool can be recycled in many ways. It can be converted into its former long fibers and thus used to create new clothes . Read more

Does ELSK send to the whole world?
We deliver to all countries within the European Union and Norway.
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How long does the delivery take?
Expected delivery time is 2-10 days.

How much does delivery cost?
Shipping costs for international orders are EUR 13.50

How do I send a return?
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How should I return an order?
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How long can I return?
You have 100 days to return your order.

Is ELSK VOEC-registered for Norway 🇳🇴?
Yes, ELSK is VOEC-registered so it is easy for you to shop in Norway without duty and tax.
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We believe that as a company we have an obligation to not only take, but also to give back.

No matter how "green" our company and products are, there will always be some strain on the environment. That is why we donate at least 1% of our turnover annually to environmental protection.

This is our way of giving something back to nature. It is also our responsibility to use our company to create positive change.

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ELSK is a B-Corp certified company!

And what does that actually mean? It means a lot to us - and hopefully something to you too! Being a part of B-Corp signifies that we run a business where it's about much more than just making a profit and growing as big as possible. In short, as a B-Corp, we don't just aim to be the best in the world, but the best FOR the world. We commit legally to creating sustainable and positive changes. B-Corp stands for Benefit Corporation. It's a certification that doesn't just look at the company's individual products but the company as a whole.

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You choose to have your order sent in circular packaging from Re-zip.

Re-zip is reminiscent of the Danish mortgage system. You buy circular packaging for DKK 15, and as a reward you get a voucher of DKK 100 when you return the packaging.

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