At ELSK, we preach consumption with consideration.

We are talking about producing products in a gentle way.
Making clothes that are built to last. Both in terms of quality and design.

We have tried to create a company that does not just take from nature, but also gives something back.

We have come a long way - but far from the finish line.

The great paradox is that the world does not need more clothes.
Avoid cheap clothes and fast trends.

When the price is pushed, it ultimately affects nature and the people who make the clothes.

We will not compromise on that.

If you know us, you know that it is rare that you can find ELSK at a reduced price.
Both with us and our dealers.
It happens. Rarely. But it happens.


This is our greatest paradox.
Because we also get leftovers and mistakes.
Far less than what is the standard for our industry.
But there are things we need to clean up.

Our fear is that it gives you unnecessary consumption.
Or that you think LOVELY clothes can be made at the low prices.

So one of our most important tasks is to minimize the leftovers we get.

Where do the leftovers we have come from?
They come if an item has a small error.
If something has gone wrong in production and it has not turned out as we originally wanted.
It can also be small complaints from customers or product samples.
The worst mistakes, however, are if we have a product #design that we thought would sell well, but doesn't sell as it should.
Then we will have to lower the price. Fortunately, we try to make goods that are not dependent on trends and seasons - but unfortunately it still happens in between.
The latter is what we ourselves call the better leftovers.
The rest, where a product is almost sold out and where there are so few left that there is not enough for the stores to have an assortment of them in the stores.
This is also where it becomes difficult for us to handle it both in our warehouse and our webshop.

The next paradox is that we still live by selling clothes, even though the world does not need more clothes.

Our task is to ensure that when you have to consume, we give you the opportunity to consume as well as possible.

That we can use our company as a tool to create change.

In order for us to do that, strangely enough, it requires us to still grow bigger than we are now.
And that also requires us to make money.
Because we need capital if we are to think long term and be here for the long term.

We need to be bigger if we are to invest in more innovative and better clothing production. We don't want to be big - but bigger than we are now!

If we really want to go in and change things, then we need to have some muscle.
It doesn't have to be the biggest muscles, because we still primarily have to be fast and cunning!
But there must be a base.
A base to soar like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

So in other words:
To sell and to sell at reduced prices: It is a difficult dilemma that we are still struggling with.
We hope you will fight with us!