Where do you find all the "good" offers from ELSK?

Oh well, that's actually a bit difficult.

At ELSK, we are not based on trends and tendencies. Unlike many other brands, we don't work in seasons. We strive to create quality products with long-lasting durability, both in terms of quality and style. This means that you won't always find products in seasonal colors with us, but rather timeless designs that fit into any wardrobe. By producing timeless and high-quality clothing, we hope to inspire a wardrobe that lasts and doesn't follow the consumer cycle of rapidly changing fashion.

Deals are not our everyday reality because we try to keep prices reasonable without overproducing and contributing to overconsumption. We want to break away from fast fashion and the constant turnover of goods. Our approach is more towards slow fashion, where we take the time to create timeless products with thoughtfulness and responsibility.

So, do you never have sales or discounted items?

Well, it happens occasionally. Rarely. But it does happen.

It's also our biggest paradox because we also end up with leftovers and make mistakes. Much less than what is standard in our industry.

When we occasionally have leftovers or things that need to be cleared out, it happens through our Members List. It's our way of rewarding our most loyal customers.

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