Hvordan virker re-zip?

Måske du overvejer at tilkøbe RE-ZIP til din ordre, måske du allerede har gjort det og er i tvivl om hvordan det egentlig fungerer?

Fortvivl ej! Steffen forklarer hvordan det virker i denne video.

... og ellers er der en guide herunder, der fortæller hvordan du gør trin for trin.

Buy circular packaging

And spare the planet from disposable packaging
You pay DKK 15 to get packaging, which you then send back to us. As a thank you from us and the planet, you will receive a voucher for ELSK.com of DKK 100.

It's that easy:

1) Choose RE-ZIP packaging at checkout
For DKK 15 you can buy circular packaging for your order, and at the same time help protect the environment from disposable packaging. Once that's done, you don't have to do anything else until you have to return the packaging again.

2) Return of the packaging
Download the RE-ZIP app. Here you can easily find the nearest place to return your RE-ZIP packaging. This is also where you receive your voucher.

3) Fold, scan and send back
When you have received your order, you simply fold the packaging. The packaging is scanned with the RE-ZIP app and delivered to the selected parcel shop or red post box. Please note that it is only possible to scan when you are on the selected return.

4) Receive DKK 100 as a thank you from us and the planet
When you have handed over the packaging, you will receive a DKK 100 voucher for ELSK.com. You receive your voucher in the RE-ZIP app.

Deposit system on packaging

RE-ZIP's circular packaging is a showdown with the use-and-throw-away culture.

The climate and the environment are unnecessarily burdened, every time packaging ends up in the bin and new ones have to be produced. That is why RE-ZIP has developed a circular cycle where the packaging is reused again and again. When we recycle, we give packaging a longer life, and at the same time we save the resources that would otherwise be used to produce new packaging.

RE-ZIP stems from a concept that we in Denmark have been familiar with since 1942, namely the predecessor to the current deposit system for bottles. RE-ZIP's circular packaging can similarly be reused several times, as customers return the packaging simply by throwing it through the slot in one of the many red post boxes around Denmark, or in a PostNord or DAO parcel shop.

Recycle before recycling

Recycling ensures large reductions in CO2 emissions, whereas the reduction by recycling is very minimal. Therefore, RE-ZIP operates according to the principle of reuse before recycling. In this way, the same packaging is used again and again before it ends up in the cardboard container.

RE-ZIP's circular system

A RE-ZIP packaging is already both economically and environmentally sustainable at the first shipment compared to ordinary disposable cardboard packaging. It is important for RE-ZIP to make packaging that does not have to be reused several times in order to be sustainable. A RE-ZIP packaging is returned on average 4.4 times, which corresponds to a return rate of 80%. Therefore, RE-ZIP's packaging is designed to be recycled up to 10 times. It is more responsible than making packaging that can last much longer than is actually needed.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Life cycle assessment is based on Re-Zip, the two most used packaging. Based on design, material composition and tests, re-zip has determined a design potential for each one.
In order to reach the design potential of the individual packaging, consumers need to remember to return it after use.
Therefore, we have a strong focus on ensuring a high return rate, and continuously help consumers with incentives, reminders and continued expansion of drop-off locations.

Read the LCA report here