Our suppliers

The most important business partners

At ELSK, our most important business partners are ours
supplier. That is why we have made an overview of them all on this page. It is also our opportunity to give you a deeper insight into the clothes you buy. We believe that you as a consumer have the right to know where your clothes come from and how they are produced.

Our suppliers are companies that we have worked with for a long time. They are often family-owned, and what they have in common is that they are all experts in their various product areas. Our suppliers are not just some who accept our wishes. They also push us. We firmly believe that our collaboration is about us constantly developing together, where we become better at producing high-quality goods. Goods that are made in the best possible way in relation to the environment, and goods that are created from a passion and love for making the right product.

Close cooperation

Transparency on production and subcontractors.

We believe that it is crucial that the products are produced close to us. Then we minimize both transport, delivery time and most importantly for us: It is easier to have closer and better relationships with our suppliers. Therefore, we will work exclusively with European manufacturers.

Production countries:
We use suppliers in the following countries: Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey, Poland and Italy.

We believe it is important that we are open about where and who produces our products.

Our customers must always be able to see an overview of our suppliers, which you will find on this page.

All transport of goods from suppliers must be done by truck, train or ship. We do not use air transport.


We not only need to know who our main supplier is, but also who their sub-suppliers are. Here we divide into Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4. Therefore, after delivering goods to us, our suppliers must send documentation on which sub-suppliers have been used in relation to the levels below.

Tier 1:
Main supplier: (sewing, knitting, dyeing, washing, printing)
Tier 2:
Yarn supplier, fabric supplier, dyers, accessory supplier, bags, trim.
Tier 3:
Production/Processing of yarns and meter goods.
Tier 4:
Raw materials.

Requirements for suppliers:

For us, it is absolutely essential to work together with good and loyal factories. The factories are essential for us, in developing products and producing them in the most responsible way. We must use and listen to their know-how and experience. We must let them speak and make use of them. That is why we regularly visit our suppliers and have close communication with them. We also have an annual analysis of our collaboration with the suppliers, where they can also make suggestions for improvement to us.

It is of course important that we also make demands on them and that, together with them, we constantly seek to make our products and production better. Below are the fixed requirements we set for our partners:

All our suppliers must comply with and sign our Code of Conduct.

Sign and comply with the REACH regulation, which deals with the use of chemicals.

Be open to both announced and unannounced visits to the factories.

Let us carry out inspection of working conditions and testing of production.

Provide relevant documentation on all certified products.



Egedeniz in Turkey is our largest supplier of jersey products such as T-shirts and sweatshirts. Their history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, and in 1993 they became the first company to produce organic clothing in Turkey. In addition to being experts in jersey, Egedeniz also has its own cotton fields, and therefore sells both raw materials, goods by the meter and finished products.

The factory was renovated in 2020 and today has Fair Wear, OCS and GOTS certifications. In addition, Egedeniz has undergone the Higg index certification and has a number of initiatives within sustainability and social responsibility.

Isciler Cad. No: 176 - 35230 Alsancak Izmir, Turkey



Omniteksas has a long experience in the production of jersey products. The company was started in 1928 and works with the following certifications:

GOTS, RWS, OEKO-TEX, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Omniteksas are experts in technical meter goods and have worked with natural materials such as wool for several decades. They are far ahead in terms of the development of new materials and meter goods. It is in collaboration with Omniteksas that we have developed our t-shirts in wool and Tencel, which for us is the perfect mix of the good properties of wool and the softness and lightness that Tencel adds to the product

Raudondvario av. 101, LT-4714, Kaunas, Lithuania



Mergu is our shirt product and is located in Izmir, Turkey. The company was founded in 1997 by the married couple Isin and Muammar Yilmaz.

The factory is 5700 m2, and here they are experts in woven products. In the company's first years, they exclusively produced men's shirts, but today they also produce clothing for women and children. Mergu has been making organic products since 2014 and is GOTS and Fair Wear Foundation certified.

The company is in a constant search to develop within the green area. By 2022 at the latest, Mergu will have solar cells installed at the factory, so that they are now 100% self-sufficient in electricity. They are also in the process of developing a system for collecting rainwater and waste water that can be used in production. In addition, 80% of the management in Mergu is occupied by women.

In addition to running Mergu, the family behind the company has its own farm, where they grow their own organic food.

Doğuş Cad. 3/19 Sokak No:7 BEGOS - 35160, Buca İzmir, Turkey



Unicorn Screen Printing in Holstebro, has been a good and steady partner for ELSK since our early start. The company was founded by Mads Olesen in 2011, where it all started in a single room. Since then he has expanded three times.

Unicorn Screen Printing makes it possible to produce products in smaller quantities than the large printing houses otherwise require. With us, they are responsible for printing the graphic designs on some of our products. All the prints we get made are made via the Screen Printing technique, which Unicorn Screen Printing are experts in. The technique gives a long-lasting result and ensures a good degree of detail in the print. All colors used at Unicorn Screen Printing are free of lead, PCs and phthalates. The chemistry used in the print is based on soy or apple-citric acid.

Elkjærvej 70, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark

Skovmose Advertising Embroidery


Some of our products are embroidered at Skovmoses Reklamebrodering in Hanstholm. The family company was started in 1984 and is managed today by Kirsten and Claus Skovmoses.

Since 1984, Skovmoses has upgraded their methods quite a bit. From running the old single needle, manual color change and paper logo ribbon embroidery machines, they now run efficient 12 needle machine heads with automatic color change and loading of designs from computer files on diskettes or via cable transfer. With such an upgrade, they ensure that all their embroideries have a good and strong quality.

Bødkervej 9, 7730 Hanstholm, Denmark



Filati Omega is a family owned company and was founded back in 1962. Today they are one of our best yarn suppliers.

At Filati Omega, they only use wool from responsibly managed farms, which ensures animal welfare and a reduced environmental impact. In addition, they take pride in collecting and purchasing leftover materials from which they can create new yarn.

Their entire production cycle takes place in the Prato district within a 15 kilometer radius, to cut down on CO2 during transport. To ensure the least possible environmental impact, they also keep a close eye on their energy and water consumption.

Thanks to 625 solar panels and an electricity storage system, they are self-sufficient in energy, and can use green energy for production - even on days when the sun is not shining.

Via dell' Orditoio, 11, 59021 Vaiano PO, Italy



Since 2015, we have collaborated with the family-owned company Texmade, which are experts in jersey and woven products. The company was founded in 2005 by Maria João Vieira and Fernanda Faria da Silva, and today has 60 employees.

Texmade has a great focus on reducing their environmental impact and is today BSCI, OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified. All their sub-suppliers in the form of raw materials, dyeing and printing houses are also all GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.

Rua da Fábrica, Pav 1 - Zona Industrial do Bouro - 4740-473 Esposende, Portugal

Textile embroidery


Textilbroderiet has been driven by a passion for embroidery for over 20 years. They have a large selection of materials as well as colors that make it easy for them to meet the wishes of their customers.

At Textilbroderiet, they handle all kinds of embroidery tasks - large and small. They have solved tasks within everything that can be embroidered on various clothing items, caps and bags for a number of profile companies. In addition, they have solved a number of special tasks for, among other things, the Kgl. Theatre, converted paintings into embroidery, as well as embroidered for various TV and film productions.

Niels Kjeldsens vej 26, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark.

Other Suppliers

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