A dream to inspire

We dream of making a difference, and when we see a problem, we take care of it. If you want a change in the world, you yourself have to be the change that is needed. Therefore, we would like to help inspire people to take good care of nature. Hopefully we can push the consumer a little, and make it the norm to remember a bag, so that you can pick up the rubbish you find on your way when you are out and about in nature.

It is natural for us to try and gather people to make an effort. We have a dream to use ELSK to inspire both consumers, companies and ourselves to make better choices for the planet. Beach cleaning is a nice concrete way to both make a difference, but also to make visible the problems we face.

1,000 tonnes of waste

It washes up every year on the west coast.

Every single day, tons of waste are washed up on the Danish coasts and beaches, and on the west coast of Jutland alone, around 1,000 tons of waste are washed up annually.

In the past, it was pieces of amber that you could find on the beach when you went for a walk. But today it is rope, bags, a lid without a can, pallets. The beautiful nature that belongs to us all has unfortunately been accompanied by something far less valuable, namely waste.

What is beach cleaning?

Strandrens focuses on a problem that we experience in everyday life. After storms, the beach fills up with rubbish and plastic, and we realize how much nature needs help. The purpose of beach cleaning is to reduce all the waste that ends up in our nature, and remove some of all the plastic that is out there.

Beach cleaning is a good activity for the whole family, creates pleasant togetherness and healthy exercise. We go to the beach to clean up. It is very simple. Take a walk along the beach and fill your bag with rubbish. Enjoy the beautiful nature in which you find yourself. At the same time, we try to remove some of all the rubbish and plastic lying by the sea. It is our way of giving something back to nature.


When we hold beach cleans, we often work together with Strandet.
Strandet works to solve the challenge of plastic in the sea by collecting plastic from the beaches in Thy and recycling parts of the collected plastic into new products. The beach dreams of a clean nature, therefore they focus on plastic pollution, by holding beach clean-ups and disseminating knowledge about the sea and pollution. "Some of what we e.g. doing in Strandet, it is to try to get some of the harmful waste that is on our west coast removed. We do this by holding beach clean-up events, and today we have a beach clean-up with ELSK, where we will try to get some of this harmful plastic removed from our coast.” - Jens Wilhelm Jørgensen

We are happy to work together with Strandet, here we can help make a difference and become even smarter ourselves. We are proud that, together with Strandet, we can gather so many people to collect rubbish and plastic from the coasts. For us, it is natural to help make a difference. We can do that quite concretely, by holding beach cleans, where we go out and remove some of all the plastic lying on the beach.

Plastic suffocates life in nature

On average, 820,000 tonnes of plastic are produced daily. Every year, 8-10 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea, while another 1000 tonnes find their way to the beach along the west coast. Unfortunately, far too much plastic ends up in nature, and this can have disastrous consequences. Animals mistake plastic for food and eat it. In fact, research shows that half of the world's turtles and 90 percent of all seabirds have plastic in their stomachs. It's a disaster. We think it is terrible that there is so much rubbish in nature. At ELSK, it means a lot to us that we treat nature with respect.

Fantastic support

When we see how much trash and plastic there is on the beach, we want to do something. We dream of inspiring others to do the same. That's why we are proud to see so much support and backing from so many amazing people every time we hold a beach clean. It's great to see a wide range of age groups, from the youngest to the oldest enjoying a walk along the water's edge while litter and plastic is collected from the shore. We see beach cleaning as a fantastic opportunity to get together with family and friends, get fresh exercise and do the day's good deed.

Register for the next beach cleaning event

We hold regular beach cleaning events where we make the coast clean again. The West Coast is big, and the more people who want to help keep the coast free of rubbish and plastic, the better.

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