Most marketers will tell you to keep your brand neutral. Don’t get involved in politics. Don’t be provocative and opinionated.

Sorry…But that’s just not how we work. We want to share what we think. You might agree, you might be offended.

We try to be brave, we try to be true to our values, we try to speak our mind. Our aim is to be ignored by no one and loved by some.

Today Mr. Trump is inaugurated and many things are certain to change. Why should we care? Why should ELSK have an opinion about this?

Because we believe it is our duty to care. Because today Mr. Trump is becoming the most powerful man on the planet. With that power, comes responsibility.

We are sceptical about how he is going to use his power. Hopefully, he will understand that he is responsible for not only the people that voted on him, but people across the globe.

He can make decisions that will impact the world in a grand scale. That can be intimidating. Especially if you do not share his values and beliefs.

But what can you do if you disagree ? You can speak up. You can use your voice. Most importantly, you can also make decisions that can help impact the world. Movements and values that are bottom-up, rather than top-down are often more powerful and inspirational in the long-term. Small actions and small steps, can lead to great things.

So be brave. Contribute by taking responsibility and action for your community. Whatever values you have, show them and act by them.

That is what we are trying to do at ELSK.

Welcome Mr. Trump.