At ELSK, we have found our passion in life.

We only design and manufacture products of high quality, that fit great and have a unique story. If we’re really lucky, they’ll inspire you to do something remarkable too. Doing that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the world. Maybe it’s just living your life the way you dreamt it. We believe in a life full of passion, quality and good people. That’ll take you a long way towards happiness. That’s why we’re creating this little micro-brand based on sustainability, durability, decency and respect. That’s the organic essentials of ELSK.

Did you know that:

We like unique things, so we never produce more that 200 pieces of a design.
We only use Organic Cotton and Sustainable fabrics.
We pride ourselves on high quality and on making products that are build to last.
We make it easy for you to shop, by offering free shipping and free returns.

Thanks for all your support!

Lukas & Lars.