Elsk’s co-owners have a personal philosophical ambition to minimise environmental impacts. This can make business sense if the story is communicated well. Consumers are ready to buy sustainable garments provided that style isn’t compromised.

Start-up brand engaging in sustainability from the outset

Small Danish fashion start-up, Elsk claims to be everything the established fashion industry is not. The owners’ overall focus is their wish to be a sustainable company, and use processes that are as gentle on the environment as possible. They use organic materials, and have several products that contain recycled materials.

Elsk produces a knitted shirt that is made from
 95 % recycled jeans, and T-shirts from recycled cotton. The brand has a strong focus on the lifetime and quality of its products and works with single fibre types to increase recyclability. The only exception is the thread for seams that uses a cotton/polyester mix for added strength.

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