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25% Recycled Cotton
45% Recycled Polyester
30% Tencel
Designed in Denmark – Made in Portugal


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Test prodution

25% Recycled Cotton
45% Recycled Polyester
30% Tencel
Designed in Denmark – Made in Portugal


Have a closer look at our suppliers in Portugal.

We all hate when our clothes wrinkle, shrink, itch or aren’t breathable. We’ve tried to avoid that by mixing two fibers and extracting the best of both of them. With cotton you get a very soft and breathable fiber, and by mixing it with polyester you also have a fiber that doesn’t shrink or wrinkles. And you get all that in the same product.

Recycled Cotton

We’ve learned that organic cotton is far better for the environment than conventional cotton, but are we able to find an even better alternative to organic cotton? The answer is yes; Recycled cotton! By re-using materials, the environmental footprint can be adjusted dramatically. The important thing for the company is to find the right fabrics and the right amount of mixed ratio and recycled and virgin fibers.

Pros :

  • The environmental footprint is lower then reusing/recycling materials
  • Reduces the production of conventional and organic cotton
  • Reduces energy and water consumption

Cons :

  • It’s a challenge to make sure that all quality standard are intact


Recycled Polyester (synthetic fiber)

Instead we use recycled polyester over virgin polyester because of the lower impact it has on the environment. Therefore, the amount of pollution is reduced by creating a product made from virgin polyester. The recycled polyester contains PET plastics and two other sorting substances, and by using these we prevent this from going to waste and having an unnecessary impact on the environment.

The fiber is very strong and doesn’t shrink or wrinkle. Besides that it dries fast and contains its shape.

Pros :

  • You can recycle polyester over and over again
  • Has the same strength, performance and durability as virgin polyester, but leaves a lower environmental footprint
  • Creates 75% less Co2 than virgin polyester
  • Easy to care - doesn’t shrink or wrinkle

Cons :

  • Polyester is not biodegradable





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