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100% Organic Cotton
Designed & Embroidered in Denmark – Made in Portugal


Le Coq

This motive is a tribute to a local entrepreneur: Hans “America” Thomsen. He was a huge character, lots of strange ideas – and a lot of drive. When Mr. Thomsen set his mind to something, he tried until he succeeded. Giving up was not an option in his state of mind. He was the first to import and introduce the “hula-hoop” ring in Denmark. Beside that, he started a company under the name AMERICA: a company selling equipment for bird keepers which still exists and is now run by his grandson.  The rooster (Le Coq) is quite symbolic, and the story behind it is an example of his determination. Back in the late 60’s, he was with his family on holidays in France, where they stayed in a small hotel for a couple of days. The very first thing Hans noticed at reception before they even checked in was a huge porcelain Le Coq statue! He wanted it! – But it was not for sale, it has been in the family that owned the hotel for generations… Every day, he was passing by the reception, and was asking if they would let him buy it. The answer was always: ” NO! ” Holidays came to an end. The Thomsen family checked out, the car was packed, the kids in the backseat… they where ready to go back home to Denmark. Almost… Mr. Thomsen looked at his wife and said: “I’ll be right back…” – a few minutes later, he came back with the 70cm porcelaine rooster under his arm, put it on the back seat with the kids, and sat down in the driver seat: “… well, everything comes down to the right price”. The family never found out how much he paid for it, but they believed it was most likely an unreasonable amount. Yet, the story is not about money – this is a tale about determination and perseverance. The statue stood proudly on his desk, till his son took over the company. The coq is still “on display”, guarding the safe deposit box in their office in Thisted. It became quite symbolic for them. If you really want something, keep asking for it, do not take “no” for an answer – if it’s really important to you… ask again, try again, never give up.








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