4 Tips To Keep Your Laundry Green

Eco-Wash Tips

Laundry is one of the more unpopular household chores. Because unfortunately there is way to much of it. Here are some tips, how you can save time, money and best of all – the environment.

1. The Guppyfriend. Every time you wash one load of laundry there are countless microplastic fibers that are washed out of synthetic materials making their way into the oceans and the food chain. This non-profit initiative found a way to stop that from happening with the guppyfriend washing bag. It promises to protect your clothes from shedding as many microfibers, and catch the ones who do. Also it is meant as a wake up call, because since we are talking about ‘micro’ elements this process happens unnoticed. You being actually able to see the damage with your own eyes might make you more aware.

2. Wash less often. Maybe it is just a bad habit, but the truth is you can wear your clothes, especially items such as sweaters and pants, more than once. Your clothes will thank you, as will the environment.

3. White vinegar. This one is said to be a great natural alternative to fabric softeners that pollute you and the environment. Just add half a cup of white vinegar during the rinse cylce and you should be able to tell the difference. After your clothes have dried they will be cozy to wear and have a nice clean smell.

4. Fill up your wash. It is kind of common sense, but just in case the idea that only half full washing machines get the job done persits- if you fill your washer to the brim, your clothes will still come out clean without having polluted the environment as much and you will save money and time.