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72% Organic Cotton / 28% TencelDesigned & Embroidered in Denmark – Made in Turkey Have a closer look at our suppliers in Turkey. Organic cottonThe reason we use Organic Cotton is quite simple. It is better for the planet and better for you.Yes, the farming and the process requires more knowledge, is more complicated and is moreexpensive compared to the conventional production of cotton. However, when you learn the differencebetween organic and non-organic we are sure you agree it is worth the extra hassle.Conventional cotton is made using harmful chemicals that pollute the earth. In fact, cotton is oneof the most polluting crops to farm. The growing of conventional cotton uses roughly 7% of theworld’s pesticides and 16% – yes – 16%! of the world’s insecticides.Pros:71% less water is used in the production compared to conventional cottonNo toxic chemicals used to grow the cottonThe cotton farmers aren’t exposed to any kind of chemicalsIt is better for the planet, and for you!Cons:The farming and the process requires more knowledgeIt is more complicated to produce compared to conventional cotton productionIt is more expensive compared to the conventional production of cottonIt still needs a lot of water to grow the cottonLyocell/TencellLyocell is a light and biodegradable material. Its fibers are stronger than other similar fibers, which means you are getting a shirt which lasts longer and looks better for a longer period of time. Lyocell is also known by the name Tencel and is made from Eucalyptus trees. This is a fast-growing plant, which does not require tons of water or pesticides to grow. After harvesting the Eucalyptus tree, the tree is soaked in a solution called amine oxide, which is non-toxic. The amine oxide extracts the raw cellulose, so it can be made into fibers which can be spun into yarn, and finally fabrics.Pros:Lyocell is very environmentally friendly, because it is produced in a closed loop, so all chemicals used are recycledIt is a strong material, quick drying and has a good absorbencyThe absorbency is 50% better than cotton, and because of the incredibly good absorbency, the material is anti-bacterialThe fabric feels very light and soft, and doesn’t absorb sweat odor100% biodegradableAnd fun fact – it is made from treesCons:It is an expensive material







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