The nature in Thy


Thy is an exposed and remote part of Denmark. The weather and nature are constantly changing. One moment it feels like all the forces of nature are fighting each other and the raw and wild side of Thy shows its beautiful, but weathered face. When the winter storms rage, Thy is intimidating and fascinating.
Other times, the sun shines from a blue sky and the once so rough sea, becomes a fascinating playground.kort_over_thy The region offers a diverse and exciting range of opportunities and leisure activities.
You can wander in the wild forests and encounter a unique wildlife. Spend a day at the beach building the perfect tan or enjoying the many watersports activities by the sea and the fjords. Or you might fancy a beautiful bike-ride?. If you want, you can find some challenging hills to conquer, but for many, it is just about leaning back and enjoying the scenery.
In Thy, you can feel  the natures heartbeat and find gems where you can be all by yourself and enjoy putting a hectic life on hold and feeling what life truly is about.
There is indeed something grandeur about Thy and its nature. When we need to think deeply or get inspiration, we like to go out and wander in the wilderness. Find a remote place and just sit down for hours and chat. We love the connectivity and opportunities modern technology offer us, but we certainly also enjoy switching it all off and just contemplate about what we are doing and where we want to go.