Our Dream

… universe where we chase the dream, by doing what we love

A lot of people in marketing claim that to succeed, you can not just sell the customer a product. You have to sell the customer a dream. Well, what we are trying to sell you is actually our dream. Our dream of the ELSK-universe. A universe where people seek quality over quantity. A universe where people follow their own dreams and try to please themselves instead of pleasing everybody else. Our dream is to build a company that cares for the near environment, the local community and at the same time will be able to spread this message and is world wide beloved by its friends and customers.

We are obsessed with every detail and we want to deliver a product that has been cared for with with love and attention. We do not send out 6 annual collections and offer lots of different options. Instead, we send out a garment when we have got it right. When we have the inspiration and the drive to make a new design.

We have a tedious process, but it is still a process that we love. We get to focus on the detail and on crafting the product precisely as we want it. We are not doing it for the masses, but for individuals who dare to stand out and don’t need to seek self-confidence in mainstream brands.

We do not claim to have the perfect product, because we believe there is no such thing a perfect. We believe that one can always improve and always find new and innovative ways. We have a long and exciting journey in front of us. We hope you will join us and help us create the ELSK-universe we dream of. We believe, that we will succeed because we deliver an outstanding product and do what we love. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained, when making something really well, of such great quality, that you know the customers will use the product and appreciate it. When you have created a product that you are truly proud of and that the customers adore, it makes all the hard work, the obsession with every single detail and stitch worth all the effort.