…it’s all about the girl!


When we started our company, we decided that we wanted to build a close relationship with our customers and fans. We promised ourselves to interact with you, ask for your feedback and listen to your questions. This promise, has now taken us into a path we had not seen when we begun our journey…

Due to numerous requests, we have decided to create a womens collection!

Well, we are not sure it is alright to call it a collection when are talking about only 2 styles of womens tees, but whatever… It is more than one, so we have decided to call these 2 tees for our “ELSK THY GIRL COLLECTION”!

The styles have been picked, fabric has been chosen, things are being lined up at our factory and we have already had a chance to look at the prototypes. When we began creating the first ELSK tees, we promised ourselves that we would test and wear all the products ourselves, to make sure we are 100% satisfied with our products. Now, for the womens tees that is somewhat a challenge for us. We have tried, but 2 blokes in womens tees, just doesn’t go down very well! Luckily, we do know a few girls willing to put in a hard shift and do the product testing. Their feedback has been great, and the final tweaks are now being made to the product.

There is only a little thing we can’t reach to an agreement about… Print or no print, if a print – which print? One, both? Color / Black only?  HELP!

First print is called “LYNG” (Color print). Second one is (almost an classic for us) “FISH”. Or maybe…  should we just go with “basic” no print, or just big black logo? ….or maybe logo in other color? What you think? Help us figure this out girls, before summer ends! As we said before, everything at the factory is ready, they just waiting for our final decision – once we had decided what to put on them tees’ we can ship them out in 3-4 weeks.

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