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  • ELSK-Graphic-Tee-Prototype-Fish-n-Fish-2013-002

    What is design?

    What is design? We call ourself a design and fashion company. It sounds great, feels good and makes us feel very trendy and important ;) But so does many other companies ? What makes us stand out from the crowd? We have written extensively about our fashion and the quality of our fabrics, but here we want to offer you

  • lyng

    Finally something for the girls to cheer about.

    We are proud to present our first women’s wear products! Success is a journey and not a destination. The journey that we have undertaken is one, that undoubtedly will be full of ups and downs. We have set our goals high and right from the first step of our journey, we have promised ourselves that we will never compromise on

  • marsvin_maaske_hanstholm

    A little September trip to the beach

  • ELSK_girltop_preview

    …it’s all about the girl!

    When we started our company, we decided that we wanted to build a close relationship with our customers and fans. We promised ourselves to interact with you, ask for your feedback and listen to your questions. This promise, has now taken us into a path we had not seen when we begun our journey… Due to numerous requests, we have

  • BW_Elsk_fish_lookbook

    ELSK™ Fish&Fish Graphic Tee

    This is our first Graphic Tee – it has been on the way for some time, here are some the first shots from production.

  • ELSK-Graphic-Tee-Prototype-Fish-n-Fish-2013-004

    Don’t race to the bottom!

    Cheaper labor,  cheaper fabric… more produced per hour, lean this… do it faster, cut the costs, cut the corners…. commmme on… Everyone is racing to the bottom. Everyone wants to be cheaper. Everybody want to be the biggest. But why? We believe we can race towards the top. We want to do something interesting and be unique. For us it

  • elsk-social

    Which “social club” are you in?

    As we have written in between the lines in previous blogposts, social interaction with all you beautiful people out there, is quite important for us. We don’t have the budget, nor the wish to create lots of products after “Spray and Pray” principals. At the moment, the few products that have been put into production, are the result of our

  • A Marketing Dream | ELSK

    A Marketing Dream

    A lot of people in marketing claim that to succeed, you can not just sell the customer a product. You have to sell the customer a dream. Well, what we are trying to sell you is actually our dream. Our dream of the ELSK-universe. A universe where people seek quality over quantity. A universe where people follow their own dreams