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    ELSK® at Salling Department Stores

    Last weekend, we launched our latest collection at Salling Department Stores in Aarhus and Aalborg. For the launch, we teamed up with Mathias at &woodlab to create a bespoke range of shop fittings. We are very pleased with the result, and proud to work together with a local craftsman. Salling now carry both our mens and womens line.  

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    New Releases Tonight at 8.00 PM CET.

    Dear Friends, We have been low on stock for quite a while, but we are happy to announce, that tonight at 8.00 PM, we will be releasing our latest delivery. There are some exciting new styles for the ladies in luxurios and sustainable fabrics. For the men, we have a new range of designs on our t-shirts. These new styles,

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    Flashback to the PWA World Cup

    Now that a week has passed by since the PWA World Cup was held in Klitmøller, we figured it would be nice to share a few snaps, that really capture the essence of the mood and atmosphere at the event. As some of you might already know, the World Cup was on for a full week, in which 32 of

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    Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup – Warm Up!

    Exciting things are happening in Klitmøller. In just one week the PWA World Cup will be hosted right here in Cold Hawaii – and everybody at Elsk is super excited! And why wouldn’t we be? Loads of awesome things are on the agenda as the week’s programme unfolds, and Elsk would just like to share some of the highlights with

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    ELSK Co-Lab with Magnolia Shoals.

    ELSK Co-Lab with Magnolia Shoals. Get your hands on this Limited Edition T-shirt for only 250 DKK / 34 Euros and get a FREE COPY of Tenants – the debut album from Magnolia Shoals. We love working with creative and inspiring people, and for our latest project, we have found four humble guys, that definitely falls into this category. Together, they

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    Klitmøller – the Alternative Guide to Cold Hawaii

    Klitmøller – the Alternative Guide Thy has always been awesome, but lately particularly Klitmøller has been trending – not only nationally, but people from all over the world are making it their business to pay Klitmøller a visit to see for themselves, what the hype is all about. For a good while Vorupør has been the number one destination for

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    Standing on Water – Casper Steinfath

    Yesterday, we attended the World Premiere of the movie Standing On Water. Standing on Water is a documentary that follows the life and upbringing of Casper Steinfath. Casper is a professional stand up paddle surfer and 2-time ISA SUP world champion. The movie is much more than a surf-movie. It is a story about following your passion, overcoming your fears