About Us

Lars Riis

ELSK – what is it?!

‘Elsk’ is Danish for Love. We love what we do, and we’ve set sail on a mission to design products that reflect our passion. Our dream is not to build a multi-million-dollar company. Instead, we want to run a small, local company that sells very limited collections of organic garments to people like you. In fact, we only sell 200 of each design. Yep, just 200. That’s it!


In other words: we are everything the established fashion industry is not. When everything is concentrated on making a profit, human rights, workers’ rights and the working environment get lost. We know we can do better than that. Therefore, we make products that both our customers and we as a company can be proud of. That’s the organic essentials of ELSK.

What’s in it for you?

If you’re looking for something different, you’ve come to the right place. Most likely, when you buy one of our products, your life will be a whole lot better. No wait, we can’t actually guarantee that (our PR guy wrote this…)! However, we do promise that every product from ELSK has been designed at our desk with the all of our passion, knowledge and creativity put into each and every detail.


Our designs and graphics come straight out of Thy – a remote area also known as Cold Hawaii. The stunning nature and rough wilderness inspire us to create products with a history and an inherent respect for the environment. We could do things a lot cheaper and a whole lot easier. But if we did, we wouldn’t be any different from the traditional fashion industry.


We don’t waste money on branding activities, trade shows, industry parties or TV commercials. Instead, we want to be a micro-brand where quality, sustainability and pride matter most. That’s why we only manufacture 200 of each design. Our collections run out quickly. Faster and faster it seems. So make sure to grab your favourite designs while stocks last.

Who we are

We love exploring the world and being connected to all of our friends around the globe. But Thy in Denmark is where we belong.  Thy is where we come from and seek inspiration. We take the beauty, the uniqueness and the wilderness that surrounds us and transform it into fashion with a history. ELSK is our passion and our dream. Yes, we know, it’s just clothes we sell (mind you, very good ones!), but we believe ELSK has given us the opportunity to do much more than this.


Before we started ELSK, we worked in the “traditional” fashion and design industry for several years. Often, work life was about cutting costs, maximising profit, running leaner and working harder. We missed doing what we loved and forgot that life’s about caring and having fun. To us, work life isn’t about having the lowest costs, the leanest organization or the biggest volume. It’s about doing something remarkable. Something we and our customers can be proud of.


At ELSK, we have found our passion in life. We only design and manufacture products of high quality, that fit great and have a unique story. If we’re really lucky, they’ll inspire you to do something remarkable too. Doing that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the world. Maybe it’s just living your life the way you dreamt it. We believe in a life full of passion, quality and good people. That’ll take you a long way towards happiness. You don’t need to be the best. You just need to be the best you. That’s why we’re creating this little micro-brand based on sustainability, durability, decency and respect. That’s the organic essentials of ELSK.

What is Thy to us?

The ocean. It’s rough and at times deadly. Nonetheless, we love our coastline with its wide beaches and high dunes.
The forests. We can wander and get lost and at the same time discover ourselves.

The fishermen, the farmers, the surfers, the outsiders, the nobodies, the odd, the beautiful, the ugly. They are all here and they, the people, make Thy what it is. You might find them a bit reserved; you might not quite understand them. They might have some funny habits. But once you get to know them, you will understand what Thy is all about.

In Thy, it’s not about showing off and telling the world how good you are. Here, it’s about life in the slow lane. There are no subways, long opening hours or rush hour traffic. It may seem quiet. But it’s just what we love about the place. We like simplicity and simple living.
Here, life’s about life.